Four popular cafés to visit in Durban and surrounds

Taking time off to relax and spending time with your loved ones is important, and what better way to do so over than over a good cup of coffee and a delicious meal? We have put together a list of four popular cafés to visit in and around Durban for you to catch up and spend some quality time with your family.

Four quick and easy proudly South African recipes for you to try

Cooking is considered a social activity for many and it often brings multiple people and cultures together around a dinner table. Spend your time cooking & baking a special treat for your friends and family. We are sharing four quick and easy - proudly South African recipes for you to try.

A senior safety and well-being checklist

Choosing a retirement home can be incredibly daunting and overwhelming for many families. We have created a senior safety & well-being checklist for you to consider when purchasing a retirement home.

Safety and security

We take the safety and security of our residents seriously! We've taken a proactive approach and bettered our security measures, ensuring the safety of everyone within the complex and the highest quality of life for our residents and staff.