Safety and security

Garden Grove was not exempt from the recent spate of criminal activity in our neighbourhood. We recently experienced two incidents where our perimeter security was breached and a burglary took place, resulting in a negative and sad experience for all involved. A number of experts were brought in and we now have technology where we have a control room with CCTV.

The incidents were not isolated to Garden Grove alone, criminal activities in surrounding retirement complexes have also come to light.

Having learnt from this experience, we have taken a proactive approach and bettered our security measures, ensuring the safety of everyone within the complex and the highest quality of life for the residents and staff of Garden Grove.
New enforced security measures that we have taken:

  • Additional security guards have been posted to our site.
  • Perimeter lighting improved and additional cameras to view surrounding pavements and roads.
  • Advertising signage has been removed.
  • Front reception gate and door locked and only opened if we know the visitor.
  • Uber or taxi pickups have to be confirmed with the reception desk.
  • Gate security on high alert and no access to be granted if any doubt.

We care deeply for each and every one of our residents and have taken an unprecedented stand by implementing stringent security regulations against these opportunistic crimes, ensuring we avoid any future security breaches, keeping our residents safe, our environment pleasant and our lifestyle at the premium that residents are accustomed to.