5 Ways to Look for the Good


Summer is on the way and things are looking brighter. With all that’s going on, it may feel difficult to stay positive, but one sure way to feel uplifted is to look for the good that’s all around you. Below are a few examples of how to do just that:


1. Practice gratitude

It’s important to be grateful – even if just for the little things that make your life easier. There will always be someone who has less, or is worse off, than you. A warm bed, good health, being surrounded by people who care, are all things to cherish. Times are tough, and there are people suffering in extreme ways, gratitude puts everything into perspective and helps you appreciate what you have.


2. Enjoy the thriving nature

The blossoms are in bloom, the birdlife is flourishing and it seems as though there are butterflies everywhere. Getting outside for a little while can make you feel revitalised and refreshed. Submerge yourself in the sounds, smells and beautiful colours – time spent in nature is so good for the soul. And, in many ways, it seems this lockdown has been good for nature too.

Colorful butterfly on a blade of grass in a green garden summer sunshine

3. Recognise good deeds

When you see people doing good for other people, it makes you feel good too. Think about when someone wins on a game show, their happiness makes you happy. If you look for people doing good in everyday life and see how it makes other people happy, you can shift your perspective and start to see the positives in any situation. As an example; when a group of French students were unable to attend their university classes during the lockdown, they decided to use their spare time to create a radio station aimed specifically at pensioners who were feeling isolated. The families of the pensioners were happy to know that there were people keeping their loved ones company when they themselves couldn’t be with them. How good does that story that make you feel?


4. Be kind always

There’s a saying that goes: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” You never know what someone else is dealing with, what hardships they are facing – an act of kindness, no matter how small, can have a powerful impact. Kindness can put a smile on someone’s face and even turn someone’s day around, and it will make you feel good in return. When we choose to be kind, even if we ourselves are not having a great day, we can at least ensure that someone else’s day has been made a little bit more cheerful.

Child handing grandparent a flower on a bright summer day in a pretty garden with soft clouds in the sky

5. Think about what’s really important?

The people in your life and your good health are what really matters. It may not be possible to meet up, but you can still catch up with your family and friends. It’s important to keep those around you close, we all need care and support sometimes. And, you don’t have to wait for an occasion to find out what the grandchildren have been up to, or what good books your friends are reading – talking to the people that are important to you can brighten up their day and yours.


When the world starts to open up let's hope that we are all the better for what we’ve been through, and that we all do more good and recognise the good that surrounds us.