Cherish Love

Love is all-encompassing. It fills us with many positive emotions such as joy, happiness and contentment. This is why we should cherish love itself just as much as we cherish that which we love. Below, we give some insight into the areas in life where we find love and how we can truly appreciate it.

Family & Friends

The people who mean the world to us. Often we only realise later in life just how invaluable their love is, and how much purpose loving them gives us. We find joy in their joys and new interests in their passions. It is these people who we truly connect with and rely upon, from whom we receive comfort and care. Our friends offer us much of the same, except we get to choose to include these people in our stories. The fondness with which we remember time spent with the people we love has the power to make us love them even more. That’s why, sometimes, it takes us being apart to realise just how much they truly mean to us. Something the past year has taught us well perhaps.
Older couple looking though a photo album cherishing the memories of their loved ones and friends


Caring about the people around us and the space we live in is good for the soul. It’s cool to care, as one might say, because at the end of the day, it benefits you just as much as it benefits others. Kindness and consideration can make you feel a sense of warmth that only comes when you see a smile on the face of another, and it’s even sweeter when accepted with genuine gratitude. Getting involved, volunteering time or skills, contributing to community betterment and more, can all have a lasting effect on the people that need it most, but not least on your personal growth.
Older couple sitting at the seaside enjoying the view of happy families and bright sunshine


The things we love to do breathe life into our days and give us purpose. Reading, supporting a sports team, being creative, can all fill our time with positivity and fun, and allow us to connect with people who share the same affections. We remember people throughout our lives by what we bond over and what we enjoy doing together; our interests can lead to lifelong connections. Be mindful of losing your spark, or falling out of love with things, remember the reason you started doing them in the first place… Did a parent introduce you to it in your youth? Was it a club activity that provided an escape from the day-to-day? Life changes, and so do the things we enjoy doing, but whatever it is that occupies your time, make sure that you love it!
Older couple playing a game of scrabble and appreciating their time spent together
Be sure not to take for granted the gifts that love gives, both outward and inward. Love may not be all you need, but it certainly does offer many treasurable rewards.