Get Spring Feelings Sprouting with Indoor Plants

Spring is around the corner and we want to brighten things up. Getting greenery into your home is a great way to add some colour and boost your mood. We’ve got a few suggestions for indoor plants that will make your home feel bright and beautiful.



Orchids are in bloom this time of year and the best thing about them is their variety. You can pick your favourite from a wide array of colours and there are different flower variations too, from intricate and delicate ones to those with sturdier petals. If you find the perfect spot, their bright colours are a feast for the eyes in gentle sunlight. Take a look at this website for brilliant tips on how to care for your orchid.



Mint is quite hardy and therefore very easy to care for. Due to speedy growth, one plant can provide more than enough mint for home use. Mint is also rich in nutrients, containing vitamin A and antioxidants, so adding a sprig to a glass of water or cold drink, or even to a salad, is both tasty and healthy. It’s a win-win.


Peace Lilies

Peace lily plants are both absolutely beautiful and easy to care for, making them a popular choice for homes and offices. Many cultures also believe they bring luck to a home. Peace lily plants enjoy indirect sunlight and soil that is kept moist. Be sure not to overwater them though, as they are more tolerant of underwatering.


These lovely plants will bring some spring vitality into your home. There are lots of other options too and a quick google search for plants that are easy to care for will give you a whole host to choose from.