How To Make The Most Of The Divine Springtime

Picnic Party
There's no better way to take in the springtime than to enjoy a lovely picnic under some trees and amongst the beautiful blooms. Admire all the beauty this season has to offer when you grab your picnic mat and some blankets, whip up that famous potato salad and a couple of cucumber sandwiches and head outdoors. While you're at it, invite your loved ones or some friends over to bask in the sun with you and make a day of it.



Planning And Planting
Take advantage of this season's warming weather by potting plants around the home. Longer days in spring mean that your plants enjoy more daylight and perfect weather conditions to grow and blossom. Plan and prep which of your plants need a little extra TLC. Spring is an excellent time for growing and sprouting new life, even for those plants you may have neglected through the winter. So go ahead, spruce up your home or garden with fresh greenery and celebrate the season!



A Natural Spring
Spring is all about bright colours, fancy fun and refreshing drinks. So why not combine them all? Go beyond the traditional iced tea this season and opt for something a little fancier like a classic Arnold Palmer, which contains half iced tea and half lemonade that will surely keep your thirst quenched through the warmer days! There are tons of traditional spring drinks to choose from that will add a little more fun to your mixes. Try a fruit punch, a strawberry slush using crushed ice and fresh berries, or even some simple fruit-infused water. Here's a list of delightful recipes for inspiration.



We hope these tips add a little spring to your step this season.